Monday, October 22, 2012

Circle 2 Art

My husband thinks it's hilarious to call things by alternative or mixed-up names. Sometimes understanding him is like interpreting a new language. Tonight he'll be helping me finish up the Square 1 Art projects--which he calls Circle 2 Art--by gluing all artwork to the 'official' paper sent by the Square 1 company.

To lessen our load, I had my Art Enrichment (art club) fifth graders help out as well:

Notice all the red? Happy Red Ribbon Week!
Work, my minions, work! Mwahhh haha...
Alas, the little minions--er, darling students--didn't get it all done, so Mr. Connell and I have a lot more gluing to do this eve. Good thing we have our Sunday night shows DVR'ed to keep us entertained whilst we glue. Homeland + Elmer's = one rockin' Monday night.

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