Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bob Ross

Have you seen Google today? It's all Bob Rossed. Yup, Bob Rossed.

I'm a little disappointed that it isn't interactive. I feel like paintin' some happy trees! And I feel sad for Bob that his head is supposed to be the 'G' in 'Google.' No one wants to have a G-shaped head.

Bob's show first aired on PBS in 1983 (a year before I was born). I think the only time I saw Bob in action was when I hung out with my Opa, probably when I was in elementary school myself. Opa was an amateur painter and liked to watch The Joy of Painting for some Rossy tips.

The Connells' costumes are set for this year, but maybe I'll be Bob Ross for Halloween next year! Though I'm sure I wouldn't look this good:

And now, because I'm home from school today with some time to surf (the Internet, not the flooded streets outside), please enjoy this happy little collection of the birthday boy:

Rest peacefully, Mr. Ross!

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