Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bad hair day?

You've probably seen this project before. I recall finding it in another of my good ol' Arts & Activities magazine. You can see more (better) examples here and here, though I'll show the steps here for any sweet souls who've stumbled upon this for the first time. I highly recommend this project for shortened classes and sub days. We used it as a fun extra for kiddos who finished their previous project early. Essentially, kiddos do the following:

With a black Sharpie (for no smudges), draw a U-shape near the bottom of the paper (white paper is fine, though I've done it with bright colored fadeless paper and that is pretty rockin', too).

Choose a few (we use 5) different lines to 'grow' out of the U-shape.

Repeat each line at least 5 times.

Continue to add lines till all space is filled.

Add a neck, shoulders, and a face for a bad hair day!

This artist told me that her project got tired, hence the ZZZ's.

OR flip your paper over and turn your hairy head into a hairy beard!

Watch out--if you don't follow the proper steps in this order, you could wind up with... well, this:

This young man saw his project going downhill fast and self-corrected, re-starting to get it going the right way. We had a good laugh over his 'barfing man,' particularly because this student's mother is the school nurse and she sees far too much of this! He gave it to his mom after class and they titled it "Kid After Lunch," which I think is just a riot! Call me gross, but this is real life, people.

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  1. Hello, I really like these! Did you a regular sharpie or thin sharpie?