Wednesday, January 16, 2013

D-day (delay day!)

This time of the year is probably my least favorite. Coming off of the highs of the holidays, we're now in the midst of dreary PA weather and a long haul before our next break, not to mention everything that has to get done (grades! set designs! supply orders!). With two teachers in our house, there's the potential to really get down in the dumps, so my husband and I are taking steps to make sure we don't let the mid-year blues take over.

One plus of the dreariness was our unexpected two-hour delay this morning! There was some freezing rain and slush rockin' the roads, so we got some extra sleep. I even had time to do a little dancing with the help of my pal Just Dance 4 (LOVE it!). And the delay schedule isn't bad at all--slightly shortened classes and I still get planning time. Blessed big time, right here.

Also this morning, I got a chance to read through an article that I'd like to recommend to all you creatives: "A Resolution for Routine," over on the Braid Creative and Consulting blog. It's a quick read but gives suggestions for how creative types can increase their creativity with process and routine. I am excited to try it out--hopefully it'll whip me into creative shape and help to annihilate these January lows!

I'm also re-reading Steal Like an Artist, a short book by artist Austin Kleon.

I'll be posting a few projects tomorrow and Friday, as we have early dismissals (and WORK TIME!) due to midterms at the secondary level. Hooray for big kids and their big tests!

What do you do to stay uppity and out of the doldrums? Read anything inspiring lately?

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