Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pinch pots, now with paint!

Our no-kiln pinch pots are progressing quite nicely! In case anyone else is a poor unfortunate soul without a kiln, and wonders if it's even worth doing clay projects without one, here are some of my second graders' painted pots in progress.

On the first day of painting, I encourage the kiddos to stick to a limited color palette, focusing on the initial layers or background of their design. Some of them totally get it!

Some of them do not. Oh, sweet darling children...

One huge benefit of using air-dry clay and regular paint (as opposed to glaze) is the huge variety of colors, designs, and creativity that the kids demonstrate. I give them a second day to paint any designs and details:

I think this is two pickles holding hands... Dillsburg, baby!

With the groups I have this year, they've been using regular tempera paint to color the drab gray of the clay. I'd consider using acrylic, as the plasticity of the paint may give unfired air-dry clay more stability, but again, with the groups I have this year, I wasn't touching non-washable paint with a ten-foot pole paint brush.

We do add a layer of acrylic gloss medium at the end to show some shine (and I think it may hold 'em together better, too).

Not too shabby. To my fellow kiln-less friends, consider a visit to The Art of Ed to read up on some of your air-drying clay options (here and here). But if you do have a kiln and want to get creative, go over to my girl Jen's blog, where she's making everyone hungry and envious with her precious cupcakes!

AND, exciting news! Recently I won a giveaway from the Art of Education--I was so excited that my husband thought I had won a large cash prize (sorry, honey)--and soon will be receiving a sample of colored air-drying clay! I can't wait to try it out with some of my kiddos, and you bet your bottom I'll share my thoughts.

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