Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A few things to share

I hope everyone had a festive Saint Patrick's Day! Being married to a (half) Irishman, I have been wearing green for days and days. Check out the ridiculous card that my husband and the dog (ha) gave me:

That isn't our dog's picture, but it sure does look like him. Also, please note my green nail polish. Love!

One of my fourth graders finished his Asian Banner earlier this week and told me that he created a story using the characters I provided. I think it's so poet
-->ic: "Golden fire burns on surface of star... it's destiny." How great is that!?

Also, does anyone else use this type of block printing ink? (Yours is probably much cleaner, hehe.)

I have been having MAJOR problems with it this year. I had ordered a stockpile last year and since I hadn't gotten through it all, had leftovers for this year. And in the last week, two of my bottles have done this:

Bursting apart at the top seam. Soooo not cool! When the kids or I squeeze the bottle, ink comes out both ends. I'm not a happy woman. Storing the ink longer than a year has never been a problem for me, so I don't think it's to blame on age. Is this a recent defect that others are experiencing or is it just me? Maybe I prayed for patience and this is God's way of testing me into submission. If that's the case, then touché, Sir.

My student teacher begins this Friday. I'm looking forward to having her despite feeling totally unprepared. In fact, I should stop typing and clean up.


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