Friday, March 8, 2013

Let them eat MORE cake!

I wonder if Wayne Thiebaud knows just how inspirational his work is? My blog stats skyrocketed with this week's earlier post that showcased some of my kiddos' delicious projects! And the buzz all over school is "those awesome cakes in the hallway." Thank you, fifth graders, for makin' me look so good! ;-)

And guess what? I have more cakes to share (this time from my other building)!

FYI, you can find the original post (along with some Thiebaud resources) here, and the first batch of projects here.

Have a sweet weekend, everyone!


  1. These are great too! And I'm curious - did a lot of those viewers find their way to you from Pinterest? I know that I pinned one of your cakes, so maybe I'm partially responsible!

    1. Thanks! Yes, the #1 referring site was Pinterest!