Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating Youth Art Month!

I know I'm not the only one who has been mostly MIA the last week or so, but I'm guessing my reasoning is different. While many of you have been enjoying a Spring/Easter break, we've been trucking away here in PA--we had only Good Friday to ourselves. Some break, right? Instead of relaxing, I've been busier than ever, working around special schedules--PSSAs, special events, and the like--acclimating my newly-arrived student teacher, and taking care of business for YAM!

I've never done much to celebrate Youth Art Month--tsk, tsk, bad art teacher--but this year the music teacher and I joined forces to celebrate together, as March is was also Music In Our Schools Month. And I am SO glad that we did!

A few months ago, we brainstormed ideas for an assembly of sorts to expose the kiddos to a variety of the arts. What evolved was an Arts Showcase, which took place last week (when it was still March, haha).

Several musicians, a steel drum player, and a sculptor came to school to share their art with the kids. Each grade level spent an hour rotating between the three groups, spending 15 minutes with each artist. I got to travel along with the kids and see each performance/presentation--and it was awesome!

The musicians varied throughout the day, as they were local college students and had classes to get to. There were singers, a jazz duo, a guitarist, and a 5-pieces brass ensemble.

The steel drum performer was great--the kids loved his comparison of the steel drum to "Little Mermaid" music!

They saw the sculptor's work and watched him sculpt with clay right before their eyes! He really knew his audience and focused his presentation on how kids can make art like he does--by examining what shapes constitute the focus of their art. Many kids told me that he was their favorite... and since he was 'my' presenter, I'm brushin 'my shoulders off. ;-)

It was such an exciting day for everyone. I certainly hope to be able to do it again in the years to come!

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