Monday, April 15, 2013

Things the kids say (a.k.a. medicine for a Monday morning!)

Whoa, Monday morning. You're really out to get me! Upon leaving for school this a.m., I was about a block away from home when I heard and felt something strange related to my car. I jumped out to look and tharrr she blew--a flat tire! Thankfully, when I realized something was wrong, I was only in our little neighborhood, not on the busy highway. Thank you, Lord!

At a time such as this--a flat tire on a rainy Monday tax day morning!--I think it's important to take the time to laugh a little. And so I've decided to share a few of the things that the kids have said lately that have really cracked me up... or took my ego down a few notches.

2nd grader: "Miss Connell, someone said a bad word! It started with 'cr-' and ended with '-ap!'"

3rd grader, talking about her family's annual trip to Taiwan: "There is a very large market that we go to. There are LOTS of people. Once, I almost got lost!"
Mrs. Connell: "Maybe your mom should get a little leash and pull you around like a puppy!"
3rd grader: "Do you do that with Mr. Connell?"

5th grade boy: "I was a very chubby baby."
Mrs. Connell: "I was, too."
5th grade boy: "I can tell." (this dude is going to have trouble finding a girlfriend.)

1st grader, talking about Mod Podge: "Mmm, this stuff smells like lavender." (WRONG.)

Mrs. Connell: "A collage is made of many pieces of things combined to make a larger artwork. You might use tissue paper, photos, drawings, scraps--"
1st grader: "And cake?" 

1st grade boy: "Ew, I don't want this pink, that's not a boy color."
Mrs. Connell: "Oh, c'mon! Lots of boys like pink."
1st grade boy: "Well they're disgusting."

2nd grade: "Mrs. Connell, how many kids do you wanna have?"
Mrs. Connell: "Oh, I don't know for sure. Maybe 4? Although Mr. Connell wants 3."
2nd grader: "Well it's YOUR choice!" (8-year-old feminist on board!)

With my student teacher, Miss Caruso:

Miss Caruso: "And this carving is really old, more than 500 years old!"
1st grader: "That's close to 29 years old!" (and then 28-year-old Mrs. Connell cried in a corner)

And my personal favorite:

2nd grader: "Mrs. Connell, are you havin' a baby?"
Mrs. Connell: "No."
2nd grader: "Well it looks like it." (neat.)


  1. Hope your day improved! I had a 3rd grader recently as me, " do you need a dad to have a baby." I told her to talk with her mother!

    1. It was a fine day of school--and a flat tire really wasn't so bad! On several occasions, kids have asked about why I don't have kids, and for awhile, when I said, "I'm not married," I would get responses like, "You don't have to be married, 'cause my mom wasn't married when she had me!" True, kids, true...

  2. This was sweet and fun to read on a day with such a horrific event in the news (Boston Marathon bombing). I know it was written before that happened, but anyhow, thanks for the levity. Each comment was adorable!

    1. I can't imagine teaching anything but elementary school! I just said to my student teacher that school is such a bubble--I had no clue of what was going on till almost 5 when I left my classroom. While the bubble isn't always a good thing, it's nice to be able to work in a place where the majority of my surroundings (the kids, the artwork, the atmosphere!) are cheerful.

      Talking about cherry blossoms and how they 'come to life' each Spring, one of my first graders just said, "you know, when we die we get to be angels and live forever!" Another sweet something to pick us up at an otherwise sad time.