Thursday, November 15, 2012

Displaying Dubuffet sculptures

Just a little update on the Jean Dubuffet project that I first showed you here on Monday. When I had a chance to display these sculptures, my brain said, "oh, these are sculptures, so they should sit on a table or other such flat surface." So I thought about getting an extra table or two from the custodian. Then I came to my senses and thought, "silly brain! Sculptures don't have to sit on a table or a pedestal! You are a ridiculous little brain." And then I hung 'em on the wall!

I loooove the way the sculptures pop off of the wall, giving our hallways some oomph! I did hang them on the hallway closest to my room, so I can keep an eye on kiddos as they pass by them, as they are fairly delicate, being made of paper.

I don't know if anyone else at school or in blogworld cares for this project, but I do a happy little dance when I see these hanging on the wall. More importantly, the kids loved it and the kids learned, so I'm a happy woman.

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  1. Hi there! Love these sculptures and how you displayed them. I did this project with my after school and private art lesson kiddos as a filler project (they were finishing painting some clay masks and they could do these Dubuffet sculptures for the rest of the class). They were fun, easy, low maintenance project and the results were great--the kids and their parents were super happy and impressed that a flat piece of paper could make a cool 3D sculpture. Thanks for posting about this project. Mrs P @