Thursday, November 8, 2012

Square 1 Art update

Earlier this week, all Square 1 Art artwork, order forms, and free stickers arrived back to us! I handed all packets back to teachers for distribution, but thought you might like a little peek of the artwork we sent away and had digitized. Please forgive the heinous quality of some of the pictures, which I took in a rush using my iPhone.

I went into all kindergarten classrooms to do a little project with them. We made handprint butterflies, which I didn't get a chance to photograph, but you can imagine how precious they are.

First graders stick with the handprint theme, turning a single print into a goldfish. It's a good intro to painting for first graders, since the paper is so small (less than 9" square).

I love me some Henri Matisse, and the second graders really love his cut-outs, which we mimic when we review organic and geometric shapes, as well as figure drawing, for these colorful, playful projects.

Previously, I discussed the third graders' Georgia O'Keeffe flower drawings here.

Fourth graders look at Picasso's Cubist period and use oil pastels to chop a leaf into 'pie pieces,' which they color with complementary and analogous colors.

Yes, this autumn-themed artwork was made by a girl named Autumn. Hehe.
And probably the most popular (and dare I say NO-FAIL!?) project is that of the fifth graders, which I call Henna Hands (totally incorrect, 'cause Henna is the plant, Mehndi is the process, but I like alliteration!). While it's probably one of the more abstract lessons in terms of concepts--what makes good design and layout, unity, balance, repetition, etc.--I've never had a bad result!

In years past, I had to collect all order forms and money, process it all, and whoa mama--that was lots of work. This year, Square 1 blessed art teachers everywhere by creating an online ordering process. YES! So, I'm thinking that the next steps will be simpler. Fingers crossed.

Do you do Square 1 Art? What projects do you do?

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  1. Anonymous11/09/2012

    The lively Matisse cutouts look great! I really like the contrasting black figure over colorful, whimsical shapes with their name written so boldly.