Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2nd grade fish

Years ago, I began doing a project with my second graders that involved drawing and painting fish. One year, we added seashells and pipe cleaner seaweed, and wiggle eyes for a 3D effect. This year, after seeing this project at There's a Dragon in my Art Room (can you tell that I love this blog?), I decided to have the kiddos cut out the fish and work with perspective a little bit.

We started with a drawing period. I wouldn't call it directed drawing, though I did suggest an egg or oval shape for the body, followed by a few key pieces: a mouth, a fin, gills, an eye or eyes (depending on the perspective, which we discussed).

Students added patterns--first with pencil, then with construction paper crayons.

After the fish were cut, out came the watercolors! My youngsters love watercolor resist.

To add some flair and to FINish (har har) the fish, tissue paper was added for fins and tails.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

They're colorful and playful and really brighten up the hallways. While they aren't seasonal or holiday themed, at this time of year, I'm all about bright projects for cold, dull, wintery halls... and quickie projects to keep the kids learnin'.

Also, I enjoy projects that give me an excuse to re-visit my childhood.,,

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