Monday, December 3, 2012

An art ed contest and more

Good Monday morning, friends! Not gonna lie--this morning has kinda kicked my tush. This is the first full week we've had in awhile and I've had to re-check my attitude multiple times already. We can do this!

I'm hoping to get a fourth grade metal tooling post up later tonight. Till then, I have other things to say (type). Shocking! I know!

First, go nominate your fave blog(s) at The Art of Ed! I follow the blogs of some amazing ladies and gents and really hope they get a nod this year!

Go nominate your favorite art ed blog! Go! Go now!

Second, there are few things I've loved as long as I've loved art. Other than the obvious exceptions--my family and sweet Baby Jesus, which aren't really things at all, if we're being technical--probably the only thing I've been lovin' for close to three decades is reading. Anyone with me?

When you find time to read, do you escape into fiction, biographies, or perhaps something more attune to your craft, a la art ed theory? (Yes, I'm serious about that last one.)

Currently, I'm staying up way too late reading book six of Harry Potter (!!!!!!!!), working my way through Steal Like an Artist (an easy and humorous perusal that I definitely recommend), obsessing over Young House Love (there's a blog by the same name), and keepin' it real with various Joyce Meyer staples.

And to keep myself somewhat well-rounded in my literacy choices, most days I also read several blogs, including those dedicated to art ed, home improvement, and food. I love me some DIY and homemade donuts.

Today, I wanted to send a shout-out and link to Andrea over at Dream.Pray.Create., whose post about social media and its ties to creativity really has me thinking this morning (when I should probably be thinking about pouring paint for my next class). I think it's a really interesting topic and I encourage everyone to head over to Andrea's blog to join in on the discussion!

Make it a great Monday!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Not many people chimed in on the posting but I know it still reached people just the same because my stats showed it. Have you heard of the creative art movement starting this month called They haven't put anything up on the site other than the promotional video short introducing (and hinting) at the idea of what it's about (also here's the facebook page on it - but it seems like something great for every single one of us art teachers to be more of the resident and WORKING artists that we probably should be in the first place. Sadly, today after finally getting home I already started talking myself out of working on painting! I'll learn to reclaim my joy...