Thursday, December 6, 2012

A very delicious value project!

In my experience, some of the most successful and enjoyable projects are those chosen at the last minute. This is one of those projects!

One of my third grade classes was a full day ahead of the others and I wanted to slow 'em down to keep everyone on the same project. During my morning hallway duty, laptop in hand, I did a fast Pinterest search for lessons on color value (to reinforce the previous leaf project).

I found this gem and was sold (and hungry!).

My sweeties drew sweet triangular cones and their desired number of ice cream scoops, which they painted using a range of values of one color. Chocolate chips and cherries were optional, though very popular!

As they finished painting, I told the kiddos to come up with a name for their new flavor. Some of my favorites: Green Mint Moon, Bluberry Jam, Bubblegum Chocolate Chip, Polar Bear Super Chip, Spicy Pumpkin, and Biggiblue!

We took a few minutes of the next class to cut and assemble the tasty treats.

How refreshing! Hahaha!

Now who wants to go to Dairy Queen?

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